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This is an online platform created by us as social media managers for small business owners, entrepreneurs, aspiring digital creators and influencers. We teach our students how to lay their brand strategy, influence, create content, pitch to other brands, tell digital stories and more.

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Starts January 2022

The Brand Builder course is where we lay the foundation of your brand or business, we explore the impact you provide to your audiences, find out what makes your customer demographic and provide you tools develop your online brand.

Starts February 2022

The key to successful social media branding lies in creating content that encourages people to share and engage. The content that you share on social media shapes your brand, which is why it’s important to analyze your content resources and share the right type of content. For this course we will focus on creating content that connects with your online audience.

Starts March 2022

We unpack pitching to brand, monetization influencer marketing, and partnerships. The more you build on your brand, the more likely you are to build a following. Strength of influence is engagement and having a niche. This course for digital brands who specialise in a certain sector and have attracted a niche following. We teach you how to get noticed and monetise your digital brand.

What our previous students have to say...

Today, I'm able to manage my business page like a G because of the lessons from this course.
Thank you!
Amani Scents
Amani Scented Luxury Home Fragrances
Before I joined the Zeloi Creator Programme I thought I knew what my brand represented and how to show up on social media. During the programme I had to confront my fears about fully showing up and opening up about living with migraine and anxiety. And since then I have found my voice and place. The best part for me is that the lessons learned in this programme, I'm applying as I design my blog and prepare for it's launch.
Mashie Mphahlele
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